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BondCast is back to talk about Roger Moore’s final outing as 007 in 1985’s A VIEW TO A KILL. At age 57, was it one film too many for Sir Roger? We talk about the whole movie, including Christopher Walken’s bad guy Max Zorin, Grace Jones as the exotic May Day, and Bond Girl Tanya Roberts. We share some varied takes about the overall quality of this flick, along with a little debate. Plus, we go over the plot, stunts, mechanical icebergs and horse steroids.

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Laird is back to take us through the soundtrack to NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. This non-EON Productions film features some music similar to your typical 007 soundtrack, and some vastly different. You won't find any twangy surf guitar music here! But does that help or hurt? You can decide for yourself as we present our review of composer Michael Legrand's Never Say Never Again soundtrack.

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Sean Connery returned to the role of Bond in 1983's NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. Directed by Irvin Kershner, director of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, this film was produced by Kevin McClory, outside the Cubby Broccoli/EON Productions franchise. We talk about the return of Sir Sean, Bond girl Kim Basinger, the villian Largo, and the femme fatale Fatima Blush. From Largo's video game "Domination" to the fountain pen gun, we talk about it all!

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John Barry returns to the podium to take Bond from England to India to Germany, as we bring you the music of OCTOPUSSY. We take on the John Barry/Tim Rice hit "All Time High" performed by Rita Coolidge along with all the orchestral 007 tunes from the 1983 film. Plus: Our initial thoughts on "No Time to Die" by Billie Eilish.

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BondCast is back with our look at the thirteenth film in the EON 007 series, 1983's Octopussy. Roger Moore is back for more as the Cold War reigns and the Russians are up to some specious activitiy involving a Fabrege Egg. We discuss Roger's continuing involvement with the franchise, as well as the plot, the women, the gadgets, and the laughs.

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Laird Malamed returns to BondCast with Jimmy Mac for an in-depth review of the music from "For Your Eyes Only". We review the whole soundtrack from Sheena Easton's hit theme song, through all of composer Bill Conti's soundtrack. We talk about what works, what didn't, what sounds dated, and what is timeless.

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We begin our look at the fifth Roger Moore 007 film "For Your Eyes Only". This episode focuses on the overall vibe of the film including Roger Moore's ability to make the role more his own and the impact of 80's style on the movie. And of course, we dive deep into the "Blofeld" cameo at the beginning of the film, along with the significance of Bond visiting his murdered wife's grave and more.

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The "Moonraker" soundtrack gets the "For Your Ears Only" treatment in the final part of our look back at Roger Moore's fourth outing as 007. We go through the most important John Barry compositions from the film including Shirley Bassey's return as vocalist on the Main Theme and more. Plus, we review some tracks that didn't make it to the official release along with Shirley Bassey's performance at the Academy Awards a few years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bond.

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In the second of our two-part review of "Moonraker", we talk about the antagonist Drax and his motivational drive to kill 007 and create a master race in space. We also review the Bond Girls of "Moonraker", including the lovely scientist Dr. Holly Goodhead. We also discuss the special effects, the fights, the gadgets, the space station hideout, and an odd cameo by the theme to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Sound strange? Welcome to "Moonraker!" 

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BondCast is back for 2018 with our breakdown of 1979’s “Moonraker”, Roger Moore’s fourth outing as 007. It’s Bond in space! Cashing in on the space craze of the seventies fueled by Star Wars, “Moonraker” sends James Bond to the stars. From the excitement of the opening sky jump without a parachute sequence, to the wacky slapstick moments featuring the villainous Jaws, we talk about it all. Plus gadgets! Boat chases! Assassins in caskets! Even a double-taking pigeon! Our discussion about “Moonraker” is sometimes as wacky as the film itself!

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Welcome back to BondCast: 007 News and Reviews.  This month, we continue our conversation about Dr No, including the women, sidekicks, and music.  Join Jason Swank, Jimmy Mac, and Jonathon Wilkins for James Bond conversation, opinion and analysis about the first ever Eon produced 007 film. 

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This month we introduce ourselves and look back on our personal histories as Bond fans. Plus, we rank our favorite Bond actors and give our initial thoughts about Skyfall. Be sure to share your feedback with us at and follow us on Twitter @BondCast.

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