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Laird is back to take us through the soundtrack to NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. This non-EON Productions film features some music similar to your typical 007 soundtrack, and some vastly different. You won't find any twangy surf guitar music here! But does that help or hurt? You can decide for yourself as we present our review of composer Michael Legrand's Never Say Never Again soundtrack.

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Sean Connery returned to the role of Bond in 1983's NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. Directed by Irvin Kershner, director of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, this film was produced by Kevin McClory, outside the Cubby Broccoli/EON Productions franchise. We talk about the return of Sir Sean, Bond girl Kim Basinger, the villian Largo, and the femme fatale Fatima Blush. From Largo's video game "Domination" to the fountain pen gun, we talk about it all!

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John Barry returns to the podium to take Bond from England to India to Germany, as we bring you the music of OCTOPUSSY. We take on the John Barry/Tim Rice hit "All Time High" performed by Rita Coolidge along with all the orchestral 007 tunes from the 1983 film. Plus: Our initial thoughts on "No Time to Die" by Billie Eilish.

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BondCast is back with our look at the thirteenth film in the EON 007 series, 1983's Octopussy. Roger Moore is back for more as the Cold War reigns and the Russians are up to some specious activitiy involving a Fabrege Egg. We discuss Roger's continuing involvement with the franchise, as well as the plot, the women, the gadgets, and the laughs.

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